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Sometimes referred to as raw honey, pure honey is just that, honey in a pure state. After processing in any form, it still retains all the healthy characteristics of honey.


Pollens, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are all present to constitute pure honey. However, it can be difficult to determine if the honey you are purchasing is in fact pure without all the testing equipment. But, below are ways to help you make a better educated choice.

Clarity Test

Pure honey is a little cloudy due to all the pollens, vitamins, and minerals present. Most filtering procedures will remove those items in order to have a clear honey. It is very similar to a water filter that takes away all the vitamins and minerals in your water. However, once these items are removed, you are left with a liquid that has been tampered with and corrupted. It is no longer pure honey.

Bubble Test

This is also a very simple test you can perform. Take two like containers and turn them upside down. Watch the bubble rise to the top. The bubble that rises the fastest indicates a higher moisture content. The moisture content of pure honey is somewhere around 13.5%-14.5% The legal limit of moisture content in marketable honey is 18%.


During processing of honey, moisture can be added, intentionally or not. Thus, you can determine which honeys are closer to being pure by conducting this simple test. Most local honeys are less in moisture content than other honeys.


If you are not quite sure about the honey you are purchasing, use the label and research the company. What does the label say? Where are they from? Is the country of origin listed on the label? Most reputable packers will have a website that you can search and even ask questions. There is much you can determine by just a few clicks with the mouse.

Cox’s Honey packages a pure honey. Our gathering, extraction, and packaging process is meticulous because we feel that our customers deserve the best. We are one of a few that produce and package our own honey. That way we have a hand-on approach to assuring we do indeed offer a pure honey. We are thorough in our analysis of the quality of honey we provide for our customers. We do not overheat, pasteurize, or filter our honey. Pure honey is healthy in its natural form and a great alternative to any kind of refined sugar. Everyone should benefit from the work that the bees put into such a fantastic product.

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