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There are many health benefits of honey for the body and soul. Here’s a few:

  • Obviously, it is used as a sweetener. Do you know that a spoonful of honey can curb your craving for sweets? It packs just the right amount of everything to satisfy your craving, thus helping you reduce the sugar intake. Next time you have a hankering for a sweet, use the health benefits of honey instead.

  • Honey will make better, healthier foods. White sugar contains no health benefits, whatsoever. It only provides empty calories. Healthy honey promotes a better quality food and improved eating habits.

  • The health benefits of honey are awesome. It is packed with a trace of all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a good-living lifestyle.

  • Local honey contains local pollens for allergies. When you ingest the honey, your body creates an immunity to those pollens. That is why so many people take honey for allergies rather than to buying some medicine overt he counter.

  • As an anti-bacterial for sore-throats and coughs. Honey helps soothe the throat and calm the cough. A hot honey drink complete with a little bit of cinnamon will promote healing and some relief of the pesky cold. So, healthy honey not only promotes healthy eating, but also healthy living.

  • It can be used for quick energy. The sugar in honey, Dextrose, is a ‘ready’ sugar and can be used instantly. Your body can break down honey a lot faster than other sweeteners, thus less energy to break down, but more energy to use.

  • It has many medicinal purposes. For cuts and abrasions, it can be used as a salve to protect against infection and speed up the healing process. It is an anti-bacterial. Nothing is quicker and the best part is its all-natural.

  • Healthy for the soul….. as it can be used to help with stomach pains, colic, and gas. It can also help with constipation. It can assist in the healing of the nervous system and help with insomnia.

  • Weight loss? You kidding me? Actually, a spoonful of honey before bed time will help restore the liver and increase your metabolic rate. So, something that helps you lose weight and tastes good! That is truly one of the most interesting health benefits of honey.

  • It tastes great! Usually, those things that are healthy aren’t the best tasting. However, when honey is added to many foods, such as fruits, breads, cereals, and nuts, it enhances the flavor while maintaining wholesome eating habits.

There are many healthy reasons to love honey. Start living a more nutritional lifestyle by adding the health benefits of honey.

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