Creamed Honey, clover honey gathered from the very best high mountain clover flowers with an accelerated granulation process to create a smooth and creamy taste, making for a perfect spread.

Premium Raw Creamed Honey as if Mother Nature Bottled it Herself, retaining all the delicate vitamins, pollen, propolis and live enzymes with no artificial colors, flavors or filler ingredients (like fructose, agave, or corn syrup). Cox's Honey has no chemicals, additives, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, or pollutants and has not been cooked, pasteurized, altered, added to, or modified in any way.

- Six (6) Tubs Per Case

- Per Tub: 40 oz (1.133kg), about 54 servings per container, serving size 1 Tbsp (21g)

- U.S. Grade A White Clover Honey.

40 oz Raw Creamed Honey Case

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