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Throw Back Thursday

TBT (Throw Back Thursday): When I look at this picture taken back in January 1960, many of my senses are filled with memories. I see the rocking chair my daddy rocked me in at all ages. I can hear him read the U.S. News & World Report, Idaho Falls Post Register, and Shelley Pioneer to me. I can still smell the bee sweat as he plopped down from working the bee yards. I'd take off his boots for him and rub his feet, feeling the callouses from standing so long. I can also feel the dust gathered in his over all cuffs with perhaps a few dead bees. I would play checkers with him sitting on the magazine stand next to the chair. He NEVER let me win. And I still taste the nuts we would crack together from the basket of mixed dates and nuts. I never cared for the dates but I will never forget them! This is my father, myself on the left and my nephew Lee (Little Lee not to confuse with our cousin Big Lee) on the right. He is exactly one month younger than me. Do you have any pictures that make your senses emerge?

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