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Bee Fact Check!

Fun Fact Friday!!! With all the hype that the honey in the store could be fake honey or watered down honey, how can one tell? I put Cox’s Honey to the test: 1) Water test. Put a drop of honey in a glass of water. Pure honey will settle to the bottom. Fake will disperse. 2) Flame test. Dip a match in a drop of honey. Strike it on the side of the match box. It will light and burn immediately. Fake honey will not light. 3) Paper towel test. Put a drop of honey on a paper towel. Pure honey will not absorb but stay in a blob. Fake honey will disperse and absorb into the towel. 4) Thumb test. Put a drop on your thumb. Real will stick and stay. Fake will run off and drip. I feel a You Tube coming fun to try these tests on my family’s honey. It passes with flying colors!

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